10 Most Expensive Luxury Motorhomes in the World

If you love traveling, especially on the open road, then you probably appreciate a nice motorhome. The luxury of having your own vehicle with a bathroom, a kitchen, and all the other amenities that your house has makes adventuring in the wilds that much more enjoyable. Having space to lie down and legroom to stretch is a design feature that most RV drivers take for granted; the downtrodden students in their tiny, over-crowded Toyota with a 4-person tent packed into the trunk are likely at least a little envious.Recent years have seen a rise of bus-converted luxury motorhomes, transformations of buses into state-of-the-art mansions on wheels. While its true that most of the added features of these pristine machines certainly arent necessary, theyre definitely enviable. If youre lucky enough to have the cash to burn and dont want to leave your luxuries at home while enjoying a road trip, why not indulge in some extravagant motorhome comforts? And who wouldnt want to roadtrip with friends in an RV that looks like a top-of-the-line nightclub? We might typically equate yachts and limousines with seriously high-class travel, but the following ten most expensive motorhomes on the market prove that the humble roadster can rival any of the most indulgent grown up toys in terms of extravagance and luxury.The gorgeous Cornerstone by Entegra Coach gives drivers a cab-forward design, including eight-way power seats and SmartWheel integrated steering to make the ride comfortable, while also offering advanced Mobileye and touchscreen technology. The elegant design includes a master suite with a cedar-lined walk-in closet, as well as a sound bar and entertainment system. The Cornerstone is detailed with quartz countertops, heated porcelain flooring, a walk-in shower, and much more. You could live very comfortably in this RV for quite a while, given its huge size and luxury fittings.This beautiful 40 bus-converted RV was created by the luxury RV company Country Coach. It is powered with a 600HP Cummins engine, and it climbs over mountains beautifully when towed thanks to its power tilt and telescope wheels. The interior is decorated with walnut cabinets and earth tones, as well as a custom sofa, queen-sized bed, chairs, a washer and dryer, a dinette booth, and a tiled entry step. Solar panels on the roof of the RV keeps the power going inside, and the Magna also provides keyless entry with a touch pad.This RV looks a bit like a garbage truck, but its humble exterior is deceptive. The body doesnt provide very much to look at in terms of luxury, but its the interior that counts here and that adds up to half a million dollars. UNICAT calls its models exploration vehicles, and this thing is one of the most rugged RVs on the market. So much so, in fact, that Jalopnik chose their vehicles as one of the best places to ride out a zombie apocalypse.Built with solar panels and a 2,000-mile gas tank, the International can go coast to coast without stopping. Inside, theres a kitchen, a master suite, desk space, and even a watermaker that can decontaminate water making it drinkable should you get stuck in a dire situation. Though it costs more than a small house, survivalists will attest that its worth every penny to be able to travel over such unruly terrain. Click To Watch: latest auto mobile Reviews: https://goo.gl/uu1MgC Feature Concept Cars & Bikes: https://goo.gl/4476oU Upcoming Concept Cars 2016: https://goo.gl/JEeVO6 Top 10’s in Automobiles: https://goo.gl/xn3TcV Subscribe For More Latest Auto Updates: https://goo.gl/qUyQHn

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