02 Mustang Sally ~ Jake Castro Band~Gibtown Bike Fest 2016

Jake Castro – Guitar & Vocals, Greg Slusher – Bass Guitar & Vocals, Tim Conway – Drums ~~~~~ Jake Castro Band ~~~~~ ( Please check-out the band on Facebook and ‘Like’ us…!!! ) ______________________________________________________________ Had a 3-hour Saturday evening set at this year’s 3-day Gibtown Biker Fest – After us was Michael Allman & Molly Hatchet – Earlier in the day, Greg Billings Band, Boss Hawg, and Black Honkeys performed – Massive attendance all day long… Our set was plagued by equipment mishaps… as soon as we started playing, Jake’s amp started distorting and losing power – the stage crew were saying they were getting shocked by the amp’s chassis as they were trying to troubleshoot the amps’ problem – I pulled my Mackie P.A. mixer out of the van and hooked the amp speakers up to it, but we could not get a signal – we finally found another way to amplify his guitar, by running him through a D.I. box & through the P.A. – of course, the first D.I. box we hooked-up was defective… but we eventually got him a good strong signal… Then guitar strings started breaking in the middle of solos… my mic stand toppled off-stage at least twice… on the last song, Tim’s kick drum pedal broke… Then, after we had finished playing & were packing up, one of the brand new display Harley-Davidson bikes fell over onto the concrete road, making a horrible sound as it crunched to the ground… no one was within 30 feet of the bike when it fell… Someone was heard to mutter, ‘Man, there’s some bad Juju hangin’ around this area…’ – ______________________________________________________________ Recorded at Gibtown Biker Fest, in Gibsonton, Fla., on Saturday, Jan. 16th, 2016, by some Cowboy-Hat-Wearin’, Barefooted DamnGeezer, using a relatively new, but for some reason, recently discontinued Zoom Q2 HD audio/video Electronically-Digitized–Then-Recorded-onto-a-Memory-Data-Chip-Kinda-Doo-Hickey…. It IS a Magical Process Thang and I am continually amazed at the quality of the audio… Oh, yeah… and I’m Highly Honored to still be using a 35 year-old Slik Tripod that my Father bought for me… Way Cool… Hehehe – ________________________________________________________ ~~~ As Always…. Thank You SO Much For Your Support and Appreciation of Live Music around Sarasota, Florida & The Gulf Beaches – There are so many monster National, Regional, & Local pickers and bands working around here, the “Chances Of”‘ and “Selections For”, discovering Quality Good Ol’ Live Music being played on any given night is staggering – Also, click on http://www.GoTonight.com for The Most Current & Updated Listings of the Tampa Bay area Music Scene – Their Free-Use website was conceived and created by some good friends of ours and they do a phenomenal job of maintaining current and correct band listings and venue choices. Please click ‘LIKE’ on the videos that you Enjoy & Feel Free to ‘Share’ them and/or Leave Comments… ~~~ The Players, Dates, & Venues are usually listed, so you can get an idea of who’s out there, and where…!!! For a complete listing of all recorded videos that I have uploaded in this little experiment, please visit https://www.youtube.com/damngeezer & select “Playlists” – They are listed with the most current uploaded performances at the top, with earlier ones below – The earliest go back to 2012, I think… We’re now over 100,000 page views… that just blows me away…!!! … Please Continue to get out and Enjoy & Support Local Live Music and the Venues that offer it….!!! You Guys are Champions and are the ones that make it possible for we pickers to have an outlet for our passion… Thank You, Thank You, Thank You….!!!! Peace, Love, Health, & Happiness to You & Yours – Greg (DamnGeezer) ________________________________________________________ ( ~ Alas, We Continue to Have Friends being Hit, Injured, Maimed, & Killed, while simply trying to enjoy Riding Their Bikes! ~ Please, Help Save A Life – Please, Watch Out For Motorcycles – REMIND Your Friends… STAY Aware – Look Both Ways before Pulling-out – Then, Look Again… – Road situations can drastically change in an Instant – Check Your Mirrors Twice, before Changing Lanes… Then, Look and Check Both Sides, Again… It Takes Mere Seconds, But Can Make Such A Huge Difference – Thank You For Your Consideration – Bless Your Heart For Caring ~ ) ~~~ (( ~~~ Oh, And PLEASE…. DON’T TEXT & DRIVE or Spend More Time Gazin’ at Your Phone thang than You do Watchin’ The Road… ~~~ JEEZ… ~~~~)) ~~~

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