Tyga, Kylie Jenner, Ferrari S.p.A.

Tyga, Kylie Jenner, Ferrari S.p.A. Kylie Jenner ‘repossessed’ Tyga’s Ferrari in an elaborate scheme to buy her boyfriend a new $230,000 Bentley Put this down as the most expensive joke ever. Tyga’s once again became a laughing stock on Tuesday as he had yet another car repossessed, but turns out it was Kylie Jenner and not some missed lease payments that saw his car taken away. The very generous 19-year-old decided to surprise her love with a fancy new car on Wednesday, after paying someone to hide his Ferrari making him – and the world – think his car had been repossessed. Both Tyga and Kylie took to Snapchat to reveal the very generous gift of a brand new Bentley, and the very elaborate prank the 19-year-old had orchestrated on Wednesday afternoon. The Keeping Up With The Kardashian’s star posted a snap of her boyfriend’s new car sating simply, ‘For my baby.’ Tyga posted a similar snap revealing that with a fancy new car in his driveway, he cannot be mad at his girlfriend for making it look like he had yet another car repossessed. The 26-year-old rapper wrote: ‘When ur lil baby cops u the Bentley truck and hides your Ferrari. While his Ferrari has yet to surface, the Rack City star was certainly a very happy little rapper on Wednesday afternoon. Kylie posted a video of Tyga literally dancing and jumping for joy as the car arrived. The rapper then ran over and gave his teen benefactor a big kiss. The rapper said: ‘I’m speechless right now.’ The rapper appears to be the new owner of Bentley’s SUV the Bentayga. The Bentayga, which is perfect for him to drive around with a child seat in for son King Cairo, starts at $229,100. TMZ had reported that the couple were together at the Calabasas Bentley dealer, when a man arrived and repossessed the Ferrari while they were distracted. The website said: ‘Sources on the lot tell us the repo man showed up armed with a spare key for the Ferrari, jumped in, started it up and headed down the nearest freeway. ‘We’re told Tyga missed a couple of his lease payments, and the lessor wasn’t taking any chances.’ Kylie now says it was just here at the lot and that the man was actually someone she had organized, which explains the spare key.

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