Mattel Disney Cars Night Vision Lightning McQueen with Collector Guide (2009) Die-cast

Feel free to make suggestions or birthday requests at any time, but please watch this video before you do so: Suggestions typically take several months to come out and birthday requests will come out on your birthday if you make them properly. If you don’t thank me for making your suggestion video or birthday request, I will not make another one for you until you thank me. Happy birthday, DarkestHour757! Night Vision Lightning McQueen appeared in the first Cars movie when McQueen was visiting each business in Radiator Springs. When he went to Sarge’s Surplus Hut, he tried on and presumably bought a pair of night vision goggles. Night Vision Lightning McQueen was released as an exclusive vehicle in 2009 with the collector guide for the year. This collector guide included all of the mainline releases for the year along with several 2010 releases. A few die-casts, such as Shiny Wax Hauler, Mood Springs Pitty and N20 Cola Pitty, were in the guide, but were actually cancelled and never released. For a better viewing experience, set the quality of this video to 1080p! Related Videos: Cars 3 Speculation Video – Bennie Caliper – Cars/Planes Featured in this Video: -Night Vision Lightning McQueen COOLection TV: AquaStrike: Dusty Vanderson: Music: Tobu – Hope | Dreams ( ( ( ( (

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