Lamborghin vs Ferrari – Crashing Shop !

Video Recording Racing Ferrari vs. Lamborghini Death Hit-point STMJ In Surabaya FULL Video Seconds Lamborgini Rammed Seller STMJ In Surabaya After the collision point STMJ phone, Lamborghini driver: Wiyang Collisions, Ma! This Video Horror Lamborghini Hit-point STMJ in Surabaya Surabaya – Crash Lamborghini Gallardo police number B 2258 WM crashing STMJ shop in Surabaya turns recorded by one of the residents. The video has now become viral on social media. AFP monitoring, 30-second video circulating on various social media since Saturday (29/11/2015) night. In the video recorded clearly how the events after Lamborghini driven Wiyang Lautner (24) crashing. In the video looks Lamborghini was stalled after hitting a large tree in Jalan Manyar Kertoarjo, Surabaya, Sunday (29/11) at 5:20 pm. Supercar was previously butting STMJ runs a small shop on site. Dozens of residents in the location seemed to panic. Wiyang wearing a white shirt and black shorts seen trying to get out of his car wrecked. He looked like he was holding the phone to call someone. Meanwhile, in the video also appeared to stall STMJ how it ravaged. There were voices of citizens hysterical look at the victims. A victim man was seen lying motionless. While there are two other victims of the men and women who sat in the middle of the rubble. “O God, please please call the police, sakno mas (mas pity) Oh God,” shouted a woman in … The incident killed an unknown buyer at the shop STMJ Kuswanto (51). Kuswanto wife, Sri Kanti (41) suffered a broken right leg. While sellers STMJ, Mujiyanto (44) was also injured. The following Wiyang Lamborghininya already wrecked then secured by police. He then checked and performed blood and urine tests to determine whether the influence of drugs or alcohol during the incident. Police twice perform such tests, the results were negative. “The test has twice carried out. The first test results are negative start of methamphetamine, cannabis, ecstasy, amphetamines, and others. Then, after that is done the same tests at other hospitals to convince, the result is the same (negative),” said Kapolrestabes Surabaya Sr. Pol Yan Fitri Halimansyah when contacted by AFP on Sunday (11/29/2015) night. Wiyang the time of the incident did not bring the letters completeness of vehicles that are now in police custody and named as a suspect. Authorities still continue to explore further deepening of this event.

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