Jay Lenos Garage The Ultimate Hobby Shop

What kind of facility do you need to keep almost 300 cars and motorcycles in running condition? This is where all the magic happens. The difference between Jays garage and a car museum is that the cars and motorcycles here are kept in a way that they can be pulled out and driven on the street in a matter of minutes. I always say that a life playing with cars is a life worth living, and Jay Leno is a perfect example of someone living that life to the fullest. Jay ideally wants to be able to ride or drive any of his vehicle at any given time. I actually consider Jay the ultimate automotive journalist. Jay reviews new and used cars, and is in a position to own any that he really likes. Because if you truly love something, you would want it for yourself, and if you dont want it, then you dont have to buy it. This is the case with Jay. In the shop the shelves are filled to the brim with tools and useful things, while the rest of the garage would turn into a tidal wave of all things automotive if there were ever an earthquake. Its cool to see such a variety of vehicles being worked on and restored at the shop. One of the cars being restored in the workshop was this 1914 Detroit Electric. A modern driveline is being fitted, which of course means an electric motor and batteries some items of Nissan Leaf origin. It really takes a special kind of person to take their love for things that roll, explode and make noise, as Jay so eloquently puts it, to the next level; a level that is basically unimaginable. What really makes me feel good is knowing that a place like Jay Lenos Garage actually exists in the real world.

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