2016 Ferrari 488 Spider

What about the noise? Open-topped Ferraris have sounded pretty much universally glorious, leading to some serious concern as to whether the 488s new, 661-hp turbocharged V-8 can really deliver an appropriately operatic soundtrack when sampled unfiltered. Ferrari had several graphs to show us that the 488 isnt lacking in this regard, including one that demonstrated how, in defiance of normal turbocharger logic, it continues to get louder as the revs rise, all the way to the 8000-rpm redline. It certainly sounds good when extended, bassier than the 458 and somehow angrier, but it cant quite match the animalistic wail its predecessor reserved for the last stretch of its 1000-rpm-higher rev band. Strangely, the only time your ears detect evidence of turbochargingthe faint fluttering of the wastegateis with the roof up, not down

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